Frequently asked questions

Who is the INNER LIGHT lamp for?

INNER LIGHT is aimed at all people (over 18 years old) who wish to spend excellent moments of relaxation and letting go, to all people wishing to benefit from the benefits and pleasure of meditation without learning and without «effort», to all people who wish to become more zen in their daily lives, to all people who want to live wonderful colorful indoor shows, to all people who sometimes have trouble falling asleep, to all those who wish to recover more quickly after an effort, to all those who sometimes have a small drop in morale, to all those who are sometimes somewhat stressed, to all those who wish to live new inner experiences, to all persons who…

Is the INNER LIGHT lamp only used with eyes closed?

Yes only!!! Absolutely avoid looking at the light when the lamp is on or when a session is started.

How long is an INNER LIGHT lamp session.

A INNER LIGHT lamp session lasts between 40 minutes and one hour on average.   But the deep relaxation and release induced by the INNER LIGHT sessions give a different perception of time.


Most users report the impression that the sessions last 10 or 15 minutes. Some even tend to find them too short.

How often can I use the INNER LIGHT lamp?

You can use it as often as you want, according to your desires. Most users use it several times a week or even every day.

Which session should I start with on my first use?

For your first use, we recommend that you start with the first contact session (Wellness theme).

We have created this session to allow you to discover your INNER LIGHT lamp gently.


Both visual and relaxing, it gradually increases its blinking speed and light intensity so that the muscles of your eyes and eyelids relax and become familiar with the flicker of your INNER LIGHT lamp.

How does it feel after an INNER LIGHT lamp session?

Most users report a sense of well-being and “joyful relaxation”. It’s like they’re coming out of a SPA afternoon, a yoga session, or a meditation session.

How long do the effects of an INNER LIGHT session last?

Short-term effects such as deep relaxation or colorful visions, last the time of the session.


Users report feeling particularly «zen and relaxed» for 24 hours after their INNER LIGHT lamp session.

How long after an INNER LIGHT session can I resume my daily activities (work, leisure, family and social life, etc.)?

You can resume your daily activities immediately after your INNER LIGHT session if you wish. You will feel calm, relaxed and fully available to make the most of your daily life.

Can I adjust the light intensity of the lamp?

You can easily adjust the light intensity at any time during an INNER LIGHT lamp session by simply turning the left lamp button.

Can I interrupt my INNER LIGHT session before the end?

Yes, just press one of the 2 buttons to pause the session. You can then choose to stop or resume the session where you were.

Can we fully enjoy the experience of the INNER LIGHT lamp without listening to music during the sessions?

The answer is clearly no!


For the experience to be truly immersive, enjoyable and optimal, it is essential to listen to music or a relaxing soundtrack (nature sounds, guided meditation with music etc.) during your INNER LIGHT sessions.


In addition, it sometimes happens that the music listened to influences the inner visions colored and evokes forms synchronized with the sound.


We strongly advise you to bring headphones to cut you completely from the outside world during your sessions.

During my INNER LIGHT lamp sessions, can I listen to music other than those provided on your site or on the INNER LIGHT PLAYER app?

Of course! Do not hesitate to test the same programs with different music, the experience will certainly be different for each soundtrack.


However, the music we have chosen reinforce the effect of each session and greatly contribute to the quality of the experience. This is why we advise you to test at least once each INNER LIGHT session by listening to the corresponding musical piece via the «music» page of our website or via the INNER LIGHT PLAYER application (IOS, Android).

Is the INNER LIGHT part of the hypnagogic lamps?

Indeed, the INNER LIGHT is a hypnagogic lamp (or self-hypnosis lamp). It allows to reach the same states of relaxation and letting go as under hypnosis.

Is the INNER LIGHT lamp a light therapy lamp?

Not at all, not at all!


The INNER LIGHT lamp has been designed as an indoor wellness lamp. Its vocation is to make you spend pleasant moments of relaxation and letting go, and to bring you well-being in everyday life. Its medium and long-term effects are comparable to those of meditation.

Can I use the INNER LIGHT lamp other than in an elongated or semi-elongated position?

The elongated or semi-elongated position offers the best conditions for total relaxation of body and mind. This is why we strongly recommend this position, at least for the first uses of your INNER LIGHT lamp.


However, you can use INNER LIGHT in all positions. You can use it in a sitting position, in a suit or in a chair, during some meditation sessions for example.


The 2 feet INNER LIGHT are very modular and will allow you to enjoy your lamp in all positions.

Does the INNER LIGHT lamp fit on feet other than the INNER LIGHT feet?

Yes, its standard 1/4' screw pitch makes it possible to attach the INNER LIGHT lamp to all studio camera and lighting feet.


If you choose one of these solutions, we advise you to choose one with a pole of at least 50 cm.

If I don’t like the experience I had during my first INNER LIGHT sessions, can I request a refund, even if I used the lamp several times?

To make sure you don’t like the experience of the INNER LIGHT lamp, feel free to test several sessions at various times of the day. Preferably choose times when you are not too tired and during which you are sure not to be disturbed.


If, despite several attempts, you are not satisfied with your lamp, you have a 14-day withdrawal period from the delivery date to contact us to obtain a full refund, even if you have used it.


Only conditions, the lamp, the accessories (power supply, cables etc.), the carrying case and the instructions must be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging.


We cover shipping and return costs. So you can test INNER LIGHT for 14 days free of charge.


To return your lamp, nothing could be simpler, contact us via the contact page of our website. You will not be asked for any justification, but if you wish to share your comments, please let us know what you did not like.


We also reimburse INNER LIGHT feet and their shipping costs within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery, provided that the feet, their packaging and their notices are returned in perfect condition.

Is downloading and adding new sessions to my INNER LIGHT completely free?

Totally free! No subscription or additional fees.

You can download and add to your lamp all the new sessions available online through the free INNER LIGHT Manager application (Mac, Windows, Linux). You can download it on the «download» page of our website.

Can I easily create my own sessions?

Yes. The free INNER LIGHT Manager (Mac, Windows, Linux) also allows you to easily create your own sessions. These sessions can be exchanged with other users.

You can download it on the «download» page of our website.

Can I download, create and add new sessions to my lamp with my mobile phone?

No. The free INNER LIGHT Manager software is only valid for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. So you will need a computer to download, create and add new sessions on your lamp.

How long is the INNER LIGHT lamp guaranteed?

Your lamp is guaranteed for 2 years.


If, despite all the care we have taken in the design and manufacture of your INNER LIGHT lamp, it breaks down during this period, we will do our utmost to repair or replace it free of charge as soon as possible.


We know how much INNER LIGHT users hate to be separated from their lamps

After the warranty period, how is the after-sales service?

If, despite all the care we have given to the design and manufacture of your INNER LIGHT Lamp, it breaks down after the warranty period, we will repair it as soon as possible and at a lower cost.


After diagnosis of the breakdown, we will send you a quote that you will be free to accept or not.

We carry out the repair work ourselves in our Parisian workshops.

What are the contraindications of the INNER LIGHT lamp?

The INNER LIGHT lamp is not suitable for the following people

- People with epilepsy or who have already had an epileptic seizure

- Photosensitive persons

- People with eye pathologies

- People on photosensitizing treatments

- Persons carrying pacemakers

- Victims of head trauma, heart attacks, or strokes

- People on anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, or other mood treatments

- People on drugs for the nervous system (antiparkinsonian)

- People on treatment with antipsychotics or with psychiatric frailty

- People who have consumed alcohol or drugs in the last 24 hours


Like any flashing light (Flickering of the sun through the trees or alternating headlights in the car, strobes in discotheque, video games, etc.), the INNER LIGHT lamp can trigger seizures in 0.3% of people. 

Using the INNER LIGHT lamp is not a substitute for diagnosis, therapy or prevention. It is also not presented or conceived as a treatment or cure for any health problem.