The sessions
that takes care of you

The sessions are flashing programs whose frequencies are carefully chosen and orchestrated to create the desired state (relaxation, meditative state, sleepiness, colorful trips, etc.).


In addition to the 36 sessions installed in the lamp, you can download free news regularly.


They are classified into 4 categories: WELLNESS, MEDITATION, JOURNEY and BOOST.

sessions du moment lampe INNER LIGHT

The sessions of the moment

The latest sessions to download for free on your INNER LIGHT lamp via the provided INNER LIGHT Manager software (Mac, Windows, Linux).

sessions Wellness (bien être) lampe INNER LIGHT


Sessions that take care of you every day: relaxation, stress management, recovery assistance, sleep assistance, good mood…

sessions Wellness (bien être) lampe INNER LIGHT


These sessions have been created to allow you to reach meditative states in minutes and without learning

Sessions Journey (voyage) lampe INNER LIGHT


Sessions simply made for pleasure. They will make you travel in the midst of beautiful colored shapes perceived through your closed eyelids.

sessions "Boost" lampe INNER LIGHT


Sessions designed to help you boost your brain: concentration, memory, intuition…