How it works

Choose and start your session on your INNER LIGHT lamp.

It will start 10 seconds after launch.

Launch the musical song corresponding to your session on your smartphone via the INNER LIGHT Player app (IOS, Android) or via our website.

Sit in an elongated or semi-elongated position, face 40 or 50 cm under the lamp, eyes closed.

The session begins, the visual effects appear through your closed eyelids and the letting go settles in.

A journey of relaxation in the midst of multicolored shapes begins…

Feelings, experiences


The feelings and lived experiences are different from one person to another or depending on when you enjoy your session.  Each session is unique. So if you do the same session several times, it is very likely that each time you have a different experience. However, you can rely on the names and descriptions of the sessions to get an overall idea of the experience generated.


Frequent feelings and experiences

visions of beautiful coloured shapes seen through the closed eyelids

• an almost instantaneous release

• deep and enjoyable mental and physical relaxation

a feeling of “floating” as the body is relaxed

A calm and soothing feeling that often lasts 24 hours after the session.

Scientific principle

sessions "Boost" lampe INNER LIGHT

The brain waves

Depending on the state of consciousness in which we are in (ordinary waking, relaxation, sleep, meditative state…) our brain operates at different electrical frequencies called brainwaves. These waves are measured in hertz.


Beta waves, for example, which correspond to the normal waking state are at frequencies between 12 and 30 hz. States of relaxation correspond to Alpha waves (between 8 and 12 hz), states of meditation to Theta waves (between 4 and 8 hz), sleep to delta waves (between 0.5 and 4 hz) etc.


Flashing lights and brainwaves

Studies under electroencephalogram have shown that placing oneself, with eyes closed in front of a flashing light, systematically and quickly induces a synchronization of the brain waves with the flickering frequency of the light source. Wikipedia article on brain wave synchronization


For example, if we place ourselves, eyes closed, in front of a flashing light at 6 flashes per second (6 hz), our brain will automatically adjust its frequency of brain waves on the frequency of flickering, 6 hz (Theta waves), which is one of the main brain frequencies found in meditative states for example.



Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT
Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT

The operating principle of the INNER LIGHT lamp

INNER LIGHT is a flickering lamp whose flashing frequencies can be programmed as sessions.


In some meditation sessions, for example, the “goal” is to lower the brain frequency from Beta waves (12 hz for example) to Theta waves (6 hz for example). The INNER LIGHT will start its flashing speed at 12 hz (12 flashes per second) and gradually slow down its pace in a few minutes to stabilize at 6 hz (6 flashes per second).


The brain that senses flashes through the closed eyelids will automatically follow the rhythm of the lamp and plunge you without any action on your part into a meditative state that is most pleasant and beneficial for your health.


Thus, by playing on very specific flicker frequency sequences, INNER LIGHT is able to help you relax, sleep, recover better after an effort, to be in a good mood even on rainy days;), to boost your concentration, your memory…

How are created the colorful inner visions

The brain will interpret certain sequences of flashing frequencies cleverly chosen and orchestrated in the INNER LIGHT sessions, as a ballet of colorful and animated light forms.


Finally, the artist who creates all these beautiful multicolored animations is none other than yourself!


Article of National Library of Medicine “A Model for the Origin and Properties of Flicker-Induced Geometric Phosphenes”

The benefits

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT relaxation

Relax and let go instantly

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT détente du corps

Relax your body
in a few moment

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT aide au sommeil

improve the quality of your sleep and get to sleep faster

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT recupération après l'effort

Help your body recover faster after an effort or a bad night

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT zen

Decompress quickly after a busy day of work to better enjoy your personal life

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT lâcher prise

Become more zen in your daily life thanks to the regular use of your INNER LIGHT lamp

Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT meditation

Get all the benefits and enjoyment of meditation at every session without learning and without effort

Enjoy beautiful, colourful, intense and immersive indoor experiences

The lamp

that takes care of you

INNER LIGHT is a flickering lamp whose flashing frequencies can be programmed in the form of sessions to create the desired state (relaxation, meditative state, sleep, colorful journeys, etc.). It belongs to the category of hypnagogic lamps.

The INNER LIGHT lamp is made of high quality anodized aluminium, which makes it resistant and lightweight (800g).


It is equipped with high-end components and its LED is designed to run for 50,000 hours.

With its light weight and small size (15 cm x 15 cm x 4.4 cm), it is very pleasant to handle and easy to store.

dimensions lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT

The intuitive ergonomics of its interface and its 2 unique buttons, make it very easy to use.

It has a standard 1/4 pitch screw that allows it to be fixed on all camera feet and all studio light feet.

hypnagogic lamp INNER LIGHT
Lampe hypnagogique INNER LIGHT

It is delivered in its carrying case so you can take it everywhere safely.

The INNER LIGHT lamp is mostly made in France. Its case is machined near Toulon and the last stages of electronics, IT and assembly as well as quality control are carried out in our workshops in Paris.


The INNER LIGHT lamp is not suitable for the following people

  • puce_inner_light
    Persons under 18 years of age
  • puce_inner_light
    Pregnant women
  • puce_inner_light
    People with epilepsy or who have already had an epileptic seizure
  • puce_inner_light
    Photosensitive persons
  • puce_inner_light
    People with eye pathologies
  • puce_inner_light
    People on photosensitizing treatments
  • puce_inner_light
    People with pacemakers
  • puce_inner_light
    Victims of head trauma, heart attacks, or stroke
  • puce_inner_light
    People on anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, or any other treatment of mood
  • puce_inner_light
    People on medication for the system nervous (antiparkinsonian)
  • puce_inner_light
    Persons undergoing treatment with antipsychotics or having a frailty managed by psychiatry
  • puce_inner_light
    Persons who have consumed alcohol or narcotic drugs in over the last 24 hours
  • Like any flashing light (Flicker of the sun through the trees or alternating headlights by car, stroboscopes in discotheque, video games etc.), the INNER LIGHT lamp can trigger seizures of epilepsy in 0.3% of people
  • The use of the INNER LIGHT lamp is not a substitute for a diagnosis, therapy or prevention. It is also not presented or designed as a treatment or remedy for any problem health.