About us

Frédéric Tahon and Boris Rabant created the INNER LIGHT lamp with the desire to share with as many people as possible the benefits and pleasures of the technology of hypnagogic lamps, hitherto reserved mainly for therapists and a few initiates.


After one and a half years and a few thousand hours of work, they are both very happy to offer you the INNER LIGHT lamp. They sincerely hope that the energy and love they have put into this project will bring you all the well-being and pleasure you desire.


Boris Rabant

President, art director, commercial director

Boris worked for more than 20 years as art director and 3D graphic designer.


He used all his artistic sensitivity to create the design of the INNER LIGHT lamp.


Thanks to several years of daily meditations, yoga and his experience of meditative states, he composes the INNER LIGHT sessions and selects the music that accompanies them.


As a creator of 3D animations, he used all his creativity to make these sessions also magnificent colorful and musical inner shows.

Frédéric Tahon

CEO, technical director

With a computer scientist father, we can say that Frédéric fell into a pot of 1s and 0s when he was little.


He exercised his talents as an electronics / computer engineer in several large companies for many years, then became a computer developer for no less large companies.


He used all his know-how and experience to create the electronic and computer system of the INNER LIGHT lamp.


He was keen to create a reliable and durable lamp as well as a simple, intuitive and pleasant to use interface.